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Water Valley Vaults is custom storage that you own. Located near the intersection of Colo. 257 & Crossroads Blvd. in the Water Valley South neighborhood of Water Valley, the Vaults offer several different floor plans for you to store your toys, run a small business or a place for you to simply get away. Finding the right place to house your investments, your business, or your passions can be a daunting drain on your time and money, thanks to limited options and ever-increasing rent. At Water Valley Vaults, you get a secure space that you design, own, and control. Now you can protect what you value, do what you value, and gain more value with a space you can bank on.

There are three different sizes of vaults to choose from:

20′ x 48′ (960 unit sq. feet)
20′ x 60′ (1,200 unit sq. feet)
32′ x 80′ (2,560 unit sq. feet)

For more information on purchasing a Vault, email Haleigh at haleighjlind@gmail.com or Marissa at marissa7277@yahoo.com.

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