Water Valley Community Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you need to be a Pelican Lakes member to play on the course?

A: No. Pelican Lakes Golf Club is a semi-private golf course. It offers yearly memberships, as well as public tee times.

Q: Are gas-powered golf carts allowed on the cart paths at Pelican Lakes?

A: No. Pelican Lakes allows residents to use their golf carts on the course during a round, but only if they’re electric and the color green.

Q: Can Pelican Lakes members fish or boat on Water Valley’s lakes?

A: Yes and no. Only Pelican Lakes members who are residents of Water Valley can utilize the lakes. All 5 Water Valley lakes are only available to Water Valley residents.

Q: Is Lake Water Valley private?

A: Yes. Lake Water Valley, the body of water that surrounds the Pelican Lakes Event Island, is only available to those residents living in Marina Dolce, located in Water Valley South.

Q: Are the restaurants and bars at Pelican Lakes open to the public?

A: Yes. The Grillhouse at Pelican Lakes, as well as The Sand Bar at Pelican Lakes, are both open to everyone.

Q: Does Pelican Lakes offer a pool-only seasonal membership?

A: No. The pool facility is only available to both golf and social members, and their guests. There is not a specific “pool only” seasonal membership.

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