Meet Pepper, Pelican Lakes’ Newest Employee


Meet Pepper.

Pepper is the newest employee at Windsor’s Pelican Lakes Golf Club.

Pepper has never swung a golf club, nor has she replaced a divot.

When she observes your golf swing, she’s unaware if you’re swinging it on the appropriate plane.

She also doesn’t know anything about chinch bugs or manganese.

She may be the only golf course employee who is a professional in something other than the sport of golf.

Pepper is highly proficient in G, but not the G you’re thinking about. The G she’s skilled at is Geese – Pepper is a trained goose chaser.

“Pepper carries a plus handicap,” said Pelican Lakes Head Golf Professional Stacy Kleve. “She’s a plus handicap at chasing geese off the course.”

What Pepper lacks in golf ability and knowledge, she makes up for in cunning, intimidation, stealth and speed.

“Pepper is trained to chase geese off the golf course property, as well as the lakes that surround the course,” said Kleve. “And she’s very good at it. Since we got her, the geese that spend the winters here have quickly learned there’s a predator and that they’re not welcome.”

Pepper is a three-year-old Border Collie from Utah. She was initially trained as a ranch dog, but ultimately found her calling being a goose’s worst nightmare.

The friendly black and white goose stalker might be intimidating to water fowl, but she’s a sweetheart to Pelican Lakes visitors.

Pelican Lakes became Pepper’s new home in October when we purchased her from Tim Eubank’s Zero Geese company. Tim’s Denver-based company “provides humane and affordable geese clearing.”

Several times a day, every day, Pepper sits shotgun in a cart with a golf course employee as they traverse the paths on our 27 holes. She only exits the cart when geese do not vacate the turf, and that’s when her hunting skills fully kick in.

“Pepper operates off of a bunch of commands,” said Kleve. “She mostly doesn’t need to get out of the cart because the geese know she’s there, and don’t want to mess with her.”

When she’s not goose chasing, Pepper is usually found behind the pro shop counter curled up in a ball, or begging to be pet.

The next time you’re in the pro shop, welcome Pepper to the family. She’s by far our friendliest employee. 

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