Great Western Announces Major Changes to Drilling Plans at Pace Site in Windsor

October 7, 2015 –Great Western Oil and Gas Company is revising the drilling plan for its operations in Windsor to allow all wells initially planned for the Pace property west of CR 13 to be relocated to nearby sites owned by area developer Martin Lind.

The re-siting of the well locations became possible over the course of more than one year of discussions with local government officials and other stakeholders. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) and its Director Matt Lepore played a significant role in bringing this new plan to fruition.

Great Western has secured surface use agreements for two different sites located in section 30, approximately one mile east of the Pace pad.

“This new plan does not come without added costs, but it still allows us to access the Pace family’s minerals without putting any wells on the Pace property,” said Great Western CEO Rich Frommer. “Most importantly, this new proposal is in line with what the residents, the Town of Windsor, and the state have asked us to accomplish – making it a win all around. As we’ve said all along, the process works.”

Windsor Mayor John Vasquez expressed his appreciation for Great Western’s efforts in engaging the community and finding a workable solution for all parties.

“The new plan from Great Western shows that our local process works. All stakeholders had a voice and were heard. Together, we found a solution that allows Great Western to operate in Windsor but minimizes the impact on local residents and allows the Paces access to their mineral rights,” said Vasquez.

“We are very pleased with this outcome and applaud Great Western’s, Windsor’s, and the landowner’s commitment to working cooperatively to find a solution,” said Matt Lepore, Director of the COGCC. “This process illustrates the potential for positive results when industry and communities work together.”

Lind also praised the deal.

“The residents of Windsor recognize the tremendous value of the oil and gas industry, however, their quality of life has to come first. Collectively, Windsor triumphs on this agreement for both quality of life and community greater good. My companies and staff have worked tirelessly over the last year with Great Western, the town of Windsor staff and Matt Lepore at COGCC to find the balance that allows Windsor to again be the leader in urban energy development. In that time, Great Western made significant concessions to assure the new locations are harmonious with the golf and surrounding natural areas. Once production begins, these locations will pleasantly blend with the beautiful landscapes of RainDance National Golf Club,” said Lind.

Windsor Neighbors for Responsible Drilling (WNRD) indicated their pleasure with the outcome. “We are very pleased the oil and gas drilling proposed for the Pace property will be moved away from all neighborhoods. This will protect our families, while allowing Great Western to drill for their oil and gas resources,” said Earl Pittman, with WNRD. “We are equally pleased to be part of a cooperative process involving the Town of Windsor, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Great Western Oil and Gas, Martin Lind and Windsor Neighbors for Responsible Drilling. The process used successfully in Windsor can become a model for Colorado, where local governments actively work with the state, the oil and gas operator and neighboring landowners to find optimal drilling sites that preserve our neighborhoods while allowing the recovery of oil and gas.”

Frommer emphasized that conditions and alterations made in the site plan reflect Great Western’s commitment to meeting local community needs, but are also unique to the Pace location. “We must approach each individual project in a distinct way,” he said. “We had made considerable changes to our practices to meet neighborhood concerns prior to the re-siting plan. While we were able to reach a great compromise in this situation, every future drilling area is unique in regards to available surface locations and geological and engineering capabilities. We certainly hope to move forward with the support of all those involved.”


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